Monday, 3 March 2014

Another Ticket to Hollywood for Irrfan Khan

                      Irrfan Khan                                        Steven Spielberg
Mumbai, March, 2014: It is highly expected that Bollywood’s impeccable actor Irrfan Khan will be starring in Hollywood’s next famous movie Jurassic Park 4. The movie is based on dinosaurs and it is going to be directed by renowned Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Apart from Irrfan Khan, there will be other well-known actors who will be working in this movie along with him. Irrfan earlier worked in other Holly films like Life of Pi, The Amazing Spiderman and Slumdog Millionairre and earned huge applauses from the global audience.

Consequently, Steven Spielberg made Jurassic Park in 1993 and correspondingly in 1997 & 2003 the other parts were released. And now he is coming up with the next season of Jurassic Park i.e. Jurassic Park 4 on 12th June, 2015.