Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Queen of Bengal: A Perfect Niche for Glamour

Kolkata, December 17, 2013: It is one of the fantasies of every other glam girl to win a beauty pageant. However, only few get chances to make an entry level to it. “Queen of Bengal” is the newer and enhanced podium to those pretty young girls of Bengal who can showcase their talents in terms of beauty, costume, interactivity, IQ, etc. In the current year, 15 participants from the colleges across the Bengal were there who tossed their talents in the forum and decree was done by Joel, a famous Kolkata based fashion designer in the 14th Pavilion Hall and was judged on the basis of three different rounds.  

This scintillating event is organised & designed by “Trisangam” to provide a stable platform to those deserving girls whose juvenile dream is to attain revered recognition in the glam & fame domain. Trisangam is chiefly an entertainment company and serves every event by conceiving, designing, creating and thus customizing. The concerned organisation is also made its name in the TV & Film Industry.

There are various number of beauty pageants through the Bengal like Miss Kolkata, Sananda Tilottama and many more. Among them, Queen of Bengal has found its way to the nearer success. This beauty pageant has made its inception in 2011 and henceforth earned a huge applause from the masses.

This year Ms Ambalika has been crowned as the winner from Ashutosh College (Kolkata) and Ms Pratyusha & Ms Priyanka Jaiswal as the 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up respectively. The genre of the pageant was designed in such a way that they had to present themselves in front of the jury in gowns in the introductory round, sarees in the 2nd and westerns in the final round.

There was a participant who not only showed her skills in beauty & acumen but also she is a budding splendid singer namely Reshmi Roy. Incidentally, Ms Reshmi won the title of Miss Divine (Intelligence & Wisdom) in Queen of Bengal, 2013. Hence this proved that this competition is blended with various skills. And also this is the forum where few hidden qualities of the partakers will be revealed certainly towards a shining pathway.