Wednesday, 4 June 2014

PAN Card is Dicey in Tatkal Reservation of Indian Railways

New Delhi, 4th June, 2014: While providing the PAN card details to book the Tatkal ticket in Indian Railways could be risky enough for the passengers. Indian Railways Authority has been alerted by the Income Tax Department recently through an official letter. PAN, name, age and sex of the respective passenger are being mentioned in the reservation chart and thereby it is visible to all in several public places. According to the concerned department of income tax, anyone & everyone can straightforwardly misuse those provided details in their forged transactions.

PAN Card
These details can be mostly used in the jewellery shop transactions mentioned in that official letter to the railways authority. The transaction above five lakhs rupees can be managed effectively through any of the PAN from the Tatkal reservation chart. Simultaneously it could simply be manipulated in the banks in the transactions above fifty thousand rupees which is a big threat to the system. Due to this malpractice, an innocent person can be directly alleged by the Income Tax department.

The Income Tax department had also appealed to the people to provide other identification details while booking Tatkal tickets instead of PAN card for their own safety & privacy.

The Indian Railways has put a serious concern against the letter of Income Tax department. Neeraj Sharma, CPRO of Northern Railways has firmly said, “Income Tax department has issued a letter to the Railway Board relating to the concerned raising issue. For this, the Railway Board has already started scrutinising it with the highest priority. If at all found that PAN card is dicey during the process, there are maximum possibilities of replacing PAN card with other identity details.”