Monday, 2 December 2013

Anti-Obesity Initiative with a Global Symbol by VLCC

Kolkata, November 26, 2013: VLCC has launched its largest Anti-Obesity initiative with a global symbol which is being simultaneously observed across 12 countries in Asia by urging people with weight-related issues to take the ‘Orange Pledge’. As we all know that 26th of November is celebrated as the Anti-Obesity day worldwide, henceforth VLCC has created an easily identifiable symbol – the orange dot – to serve as a global mnemonic for Anti-Obesity and also a call for action to make people get out of their comfort zones and take charge for their health and wellbeing.

Anyone & everyone can sign up for the ‘Orange Pledge’ by knocking any VLCC Slimming, Beauty & Fitness Centre in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar or online on Even the individuals and corporate groups are amiably invited to join the ‘Orange Pledge’ initiative.

Mrs Vandana Luthra, Founder & Mentor, VLCC in this public service campaign said, “Individuals can be responsible for their own well-being only when they have access to a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to make people aware about the importance of developing wholesome eating habits, implementing a suitable exercise regime, and adopting healthy lifestyle choices. The ‘Orange Pledge’ is all about leading people towards a better quality of life. At VLCC, the core of our business is to transform lives by making fitness, beauty and health accessible to all sections of society and this initiative brings us a step forward in achieving this vision.” The WHO says that Overweight and Obesity are also on the rise in India. According to the WHO’s NCD Country Profiles 2011, 9.9% of Indian males and 12.2% of Indian women are overweight. The WHO says that 1.3% of Indian males and 2.4% of Indian women are obese.

In this upright initiative, the famous tabla player, composer and actor, Mr Bikram Ghosh has also marked his gracious presence. The ‘Orange Pledge’ initiative has sturdily pointed out its active points in combatting obesity across the globe. VLCC has already started steering its various health & wellness camps at different corporate workplaces throughout India. Not only this, the organisation has also managed to reach as many children in order to educate them regarding the prominence of keeping healthy and structured certain painting competitions among them based on the theme of healthy living. Awareness programmes on obesity are being conducted at joggers’ parks & various Resident Welfare Associations.

Even the people residing at slum areas of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Meerut are facing the glitches of obesity as 1/4th population of women are suffering from obesity. Therefore, VLCC’s ‘Orange Pledge’ initiative hits each & every corner of the nation with its diverse segments of eradicating obesity.