Monday, 3 March 2014

Priority to ‘WhatsApp’ than ‘Hands Up’ by Ludhiana Police

Ludhaina, March, 2014: WhatsApp is now one of the most popular and instant messaging app globally. This app is the best tool to use in our leisure. Presently WhatsApp has grabbed so much curiosity among the masses that an individual his sharing his/her personal update through this messenger service.

Recently, a senior Police Officer of Ludhiana Police gets caught in the CCTV camera while he was watching some videos in WhatsApp during a vital security alert meeting among the department. The meeting was somewhat regarding more safety & security strategies form the Ludhiana Police but seemed that the concerned personnel was more bothered about a video he received in his WhatsApp which is certainly absurd.

WhatsApp led to a big robbery in Ludhiana few days back. Usha, a maid used to work near Tagore Nagar and was successful in stealing articles worth more than lakhs. She made it possible with the help of this trending app WhatsApp where she looted an iron industrialist Vimal Kumar. Within only 47 minutes, Usha robbed all the precious items like jewelleries in the absence of the family members at Vimal’s house.