Monday, 3 March 2014

Husband of 4 Wives & Father of 20 Children Committed Suicide

Ghaziabad, March, 2014: Price rise is one of the major issues in today’s era which makes people to undergo severe traumas. Huge debts and low earnings leaves a person in such a wretched ailment that there is no option left to that person other than committing suicide. The person is surrounded by the price rise & debts all around in a hefty family.

Similarly, an incident occurred in Ghazaibad, Uttar Pradesh wherein a man committed suicide with a gun because of financial crisis faced by him in the family affairs. The name of that person was Wasim and a local resident of Puja Colony in Ghaziabad and also he was known to be a famous man among the populace of Loni area. He was a property dealer and unfortunately his earnings were not sufficient to run his big family. The Police said that he carries a huge family of four wives and twenty children.

Wasim’s family members said that he was the only earning member of the family in this inflation situation. Surprisingly, Wasim sat with his whole family to discuss the key problems regarding the insufficiency in earnings and also conveyed his worriedness towards them a day before his death.

His first shot of the gun hit his house instead of him and then the next bullet hit him. He has been taken to the nearest hospital immediately after he shot himself and thereby after a while he stopped his breath. The Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad conveyed that his department is investigating this case to get the actual facts.