Saturday, 19 April 2014

Proclamation of RED FM’s ‘Dabaa Ke Bajaa’ Voting Campaign

Kolkata, 19th April, 2014: The fever of general elections is being spread throughout the nation. 93.5 RED FM which is India’s largest FM radio network took another vivid step to impulse people to press for vote. They organized this genre of event at Diamond Plaza, Dumdum to launch the campaign DABAA KE BAJAA in a big way. RED FM’s RJ Praveen who has been pronounced as Kolkata’s Official Youth Ambassador by Election Commission for this year’s election launched the campaign- ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ which is a special initiative of the radio station, in association with the Election Commission of India, targeting at increasing voter participation in the forthcoming General Elections. The event proved to be a milestone success with a remarkable number of people who pledged to vote.

RED FM volunteers were also deployed all over the plaza with tablets and each member personally went up to the audience asking them to pledge by using the ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ app. The youth ambassador of the Election Commission in Kolkata, RJ Praveen along with other RJs also presented RED FM anthem for the campaign LIVE for the masses.  A FLASHMOB presented by the RED FM RJs took the crowd by surprise.

RJ Neelam and RJ Praveen showcasing 'Dabaa Ke Bajaa' app
On this juncture, Ms. Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 RED FM said, “Dabaa Ke Bajaa is our attempt at channelizing the energy of the people in all parts of India into one simple, and yet difficult act- pressing the button on the voting machine! We have partnered with the Election Commission of India to increase the voter turn-out in the upcoming General Elections, and we look forward to collectively mobilizing people, especially the youth, to come out and vote. RED FM, being the ‘Station for Expression’ has always encouraged people to come out and talk. But this time, talking won’t suffice- Button Dabao! We are proud to have associated with the Election Commission of India on this. The insights and associations that they bring to the campaign are invaluable. It is Red FM’s humble initiative to get people to vote and we are confident that we will play a valuable role in mobilizing them to come out and vote in unprecedented numbers.”

There was another heartthrob musical performance done by the upcoming Bollywood playback singer Sukanya who has recently sang in the film ‘Heartless’ along with ‘Ashchorjyo Prodeep’, ‘Baishe Srabon’ etc. engrossed the audience.
Singer Sukanya with RJ Praveen at the event 
RED FM RJs will continue to pledge to vote by using the ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ app and FLASHMOB in Avani Mall, Quest Mall and different colleges along with RJ Praveen. The prime idea is to support the Election Commission of India in influencing people, especially the first time voters, to come out on the polling day, and press the button of the voting machines in the upcoming General Elections.