Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tata Nano is now Cheaper than an Auto Rickshaw

Bengaluru, 10th December, 2014: Last month the OLA added Tata Nano in its armada of cabs, and now TaxiForSure - a Bengaluru based cab service provider - has launched its NanoCab armada. Though TaxiForSure is currently present in 26 cities across India, NanoCabs will first be made obtainable only in Bengaluru from the first week of December. Folks in Bengaluru can also book a NanoCab via the TaxiForSure mobile app.

Tata Nano Cab is running on the road
Stimulatingly, the company claims the NanoCabs will be cheaper than hiring an auto-rickshaw. Here's how the NanoCab costs only Rs.25 for the first 2kms and Rs. 10 for every km traversed after that, whereas in the case of an auto rickshaw, the average fare includes Rs.25 for the first 1.9kms and Rs. 13/km after that.

At first, only 100 Tata Nanos will be made accessible, which the company has taken on lease. The company will increase the fleet's size once the demand goes up, and will introduce the same service in other metro cities too. The NanoCab will be available 24 hours a day, and the tariff will linger the same even during the night.